This week in DIG, 7/2

Toddlers: Samuel


During July toddlers are learning about Samuel. Possible activities to do with your toddler:

  • Reread stories of Samuel in storybook Bibles. Stories of his earlier life are in the Jesus Storybook Bible or Jesus Calling Bible.
  • Re-enact the story of Samuel hearing God’s voice with your child. Your child can make a bed with blocks or pillows to rest on, and you can quietly call her name. She can respond, “I am listening!”

Preschool: The Leaven

Preschoolers will spend the summer exploring the Parables of Jesus. You can share this video with your preschooler to reinforce today’s lesson:

  • I wonder why the woman puts the leaven or the yeast in the bread dough?
  • I wonder how the bread dough grew?
  • I wonder how the rising bread is like the kingdom of heaven?

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