This week in DIG, 6/11




Toddlers: How Peter Served Jesus


During June toddlers are learning about the Early Church. Possible activities to do with your toddler:

  • Reread stories about Peter the Apostle. Stories of his earlier life are in the Jesus Storybook Bible or Jesus Calling Bible.
  • Retell the story of Peter healing the leper from Acts in your own words. Use your child’s toys as different characters in the story and have him help you retell the story with the figurines.

Preschool: Philip


Preschoolers are now hearing about the Early Church.

  • I wonder how Simon feels hearing he cannot buy the power of the Holy Spirit?
  • I wonder how these people are feeling as they receive the gift of the Holy Spirit?
  • I wonder how people feel who are healed?

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