Resources for the Service


Children in the Worship Service

We are excited to have kindergarteners through 8th graders with us in the regular service until Labor Day! The whole congregation is edified when we sing, pray, praise, and learn together. It may take a little while for your child to adjust to worshipping in the regular service, but we believe that corporate worship can provide so much more for them than just “killing time.” God can speak to children downstairs, just as He faithfully does upstairs.

To make Sunday worship meaningful for your child, we’ve set up a table in the back of the sanctuary for children to grab books, Bibles, paper, magnadoodles, and art supplies to use during the service. Children can follow along as best as they are able, and use the materials provided to respond to God just as they would upstairs.

You might also…

  1. Encourage your child to bring her own Bible to church. Use a post-it note to help her locate the day’s passage. You can use a children’s storybook Bible or a readable translation like the NIV or NLT. As the pastor reads the passage aloud, follow along together in her Bible. During the sermon she can jot down questions and observations on the post-it and discuss them with you at home.
  2. Purchase a special journal for your child to take sermon notes during the summer. TJMaxx and HomeGoods often have journals on sale with decorative scripture verses on the front.
  3. If your child can’t focus during the entirety of the sermon, that’s okay! Encourage him to copy one verse from the passage, focus on that, and then draw a reflection based on it.
  4. Be prepared to engage your child with questions after the service: What was your favorite song this week? Was there a specific line of that song that stood out to you? What questions did you have during the sermon? What did you wonder about the passage? Did you hear the Holy Spirit speaking to you, encouraging you to give Jesus control of some area of your life?

For further reading:

Toddlers: How Peter Served Jesus


During June toddlers are learning about the Early Church. Possible activities to do with your toddler:

  • Reread stories about Peter the Apostle. Stories of his earlier life are in Jesus Storybook Bible or Jesus Calling Bible.
  • Retell the story of Peter healing the leper from Acts in your own words. Use your child’s toys as different characters in the story and have him help you retell the story with the figurines.

Preschool: Peter


Preschoolers are now hearing about the Early Church.

  • I wonder how the man feels about begging for money?
  • I wonder why the man will not look at Peter and John?
  • I wonder how the man feels about Jesus?
  • I wonder what he will do now that he can walk?



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