Introducing the DIG Library!


We’re excited to be establishing a DIG Library – full of helpful resources for parents and great reads for kids!

Our new library is currently very small, but we look forward to developing it over the years.

The library is now located on the 2nd floor in the black bookcases by the printers. Beginning this Sunday, you can borrow a book for 30 days by simply signing it out of the library. Just write your name by the title you’re borrowing on the sign-out sheet and enjoy! Borrowers must be at least 18-years-old. Please borrow one book at a time.


Donations to the library are welcome, but we will curate the collection to best meet the needs of our parents and children. Please feel free to leave donations in Gina Henker’s mailbox by the copiers. Donations will not be returned.


One thought on “Introducing the DIG Library!

  1. Alyssa Humphries

    Gina, this is such an awesome idea!! Thanks so much for putting it together! Thanks for all you do to help point our kids and families to Jesus. Xo, lys

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