This week in DIG, 9/4

DIG Kickoff

Don’t forget – DIG Kickoff is 1 week from today: Sunday, September 11! We will be offering classes for children infants through 8th grade.

That day you’ll receive a Family Packet with important information, and children will move up to their new grade level. We’ll also be celebrating students entering middle school during the service. It’s an exciting day, and we hope you’ll join us!

If you’re interested in getting a head start on this year’s Bible memory verses, you can order the Seeds of Purpose CD that we will be using to memorize scripture. We will also have a few copies available for purchase at the Kickoff.


Toddlers: Creation


This month the toddlers will be learning about Creation.  Some possible activities:

  • Reread the story of Creation in the Jesus Calling Bible or Jesus Storybook Bible.
  • As you observe God’s creation through nature, encourage your children to point out the things that God made.
  • Teach your children this sweet song: “All Things Bright & Beautiful.”

Preschool: John, Follower of Jesus (Revelation)


  • I wonder how John felt to be in chains.
  • I wonder what you like most about John’s vision.
  • I wonder how you might draw a picture of the Kingdom of God.


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