This week in DIG 6/12

Toddlers-How Peter Served Jesus


This month the toddlers are exploring stories of Peter’s ministry from Acts.  Some possible activities:

*Reread stories about Peter the apostle.  Stories of his earlier life are in Jesus Storybook Bible, or Jesus Calling Bible.

*Retell the story of Peter healing the leper from Acts in your own words.  Use your child’s toys to be different characters in the story and have them help you retell the story with the figurines.

Preschool-The Leaven, Matthew 13:33

Preschoolers are spending June and July exploring Parables.  Even if you don’t have a preschooler, summer is great time to dive into a thematic bible study as a family, so join us!  Here are some resources:


Favorite Parables from the Bible by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen

This book retells many of Jesus’ parables, and children will find the illustrations very humorous.  We are using this book in the preschool classes to retell the weekly lessons.


Rain for Roots: The Kingdom of Heaven is like this

Our family absolutely loves the band Rain for Roots!  This whole cd is includes songs that go along with parables.

Here’s an awesome video that goes along with this week’s story as well, the Leaven Song (the kids really enjoyed watching this on Sunday!)


What will you do as you wait on God’s kingdom? Eat a snack.-Maggie

*I wonder why the women puts the leaven or the yeast in the bread dough?

*I wonder how the bread dough grew?

*I wonder how the rising bread is like the kingdom of heaven?


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