This Week in DIG 4/10

April’s Memory Verse:

Teach me your way oh Lord and I will walk in truth.  Give me an undivided heart that I may fear your name.  I will praise you oh Lord my God with all of my heart,  I will glorify your name forever, for great is your love towards me.  You have delivered me from the depths of the grave.  -Psalms 86:11-13, track 11 “Undivided Heart”, Seeds of Praise cd



This month the toddlers are exploring some of the stories of Jesus, after he is resurrected  and before he returns to heaven.  Some possible activities:

*Reread these accounts together in the storybook bibles you have at home including: Jesus Storybook Bible or Read Aloud Bible Stories series by Ella Lindvall (find here:

*Use your child’s figurines to be different characters in the story and have them help you retell the story with the figurines.

Preschool-Jesus Appears to his Disciples, John 21:1-13

Preschoolers will spend April exploring Jesus’s life after he arose from the dead until he returns to heaven.


*I wonder why Jesus’s friends decided to go fishing?

*I wonder how they feel, fishing all night and catching nothing?

*I wonder how the disciples know the person on the beach is Jesus?

*I wonder what Jesus and the disciples are saying to each other?



Grades K-1-Treasure Hunt!, from Matt. 13


Younger Elementary children are exploring more stories of Jesus’ ministry.

*I wonder what God’s kingdom is like?

*I wonder what how God’s kingdom is like buried treasure?

*I wonder why the man in the story would sell everything for the buried treasure?

*I wonder what God treasures most?

Grades 2-4, Acts 2:1-13, 32-33, 37-39

The older Elementary children will spend April exploring Jesus’ Ascension and stories of the Early Church.  This week we explored Pentecost.

How was the fire not burning their heads off like it was not burning the bush?-Tony

*I wonder how it felt when the disciples were waiting in Jerusalem?

*I wonder what the rushing wind and tongues of flame were like?

*I wonder what it was like for people in the multitude to hear about “the mighty acts of God” in their own language?

*I wonder how you have experienced the Holy Spirit?

Grades 5-6, Review

The younger middler schoolers are taking 2 weeks to review the year and pick passages and questions that interest them as a focus for the end of the year project.

*What questions or scriptures stood out to you from the year?

*What do you want to investigate or know more about from what you studied?

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