This Week in DIG 4/1

April’s Memory Verse:

Teach me your way oh Lord and I will walk in truth.  Give me an undivided heart that I may fear your name.  I will praise you oh Lord my God with all of my heart,  I will glorify your name forever for great is your love towards me, you have delivered me from the depths of the grave.  -Psalms 86:11-13, track 11 “Undivided Heart”, Seeds of Praise cd


IMG_0428 (2).jpg


Preschool-Jesus is Risen: Road to Emmaus, Luke 24:1-35

Preschoolers will spend April exploring Jesus’s life after he arose from the dead until he returns to heaven.

*I wonder how Jesus’ friends felt when he died?

*I wonder how they knew he was alive?

*I wonder what it felt like to recognize Jesus in the breaking of the bread??

*I wonder what it feels to know that Jesus is alive?


God will love us.  The Father is like God.-Samuel M.

Grades K-1-Running Away, from Luke 15

Younger Elementary children are exploring more stories of Jesus’ ministry.

*I wonder why the younger son wanted to leave his father and family?

*I wonder what it felt like to eat piggy food?

*I wonder why the father welcomed the son home?

*I wonder how the young son felt when his father celebrated him?

Grades 2-4, Matthew 28: 16-20

The older Elementary children will spend April exploring Jesus’ Ascension and stories of the Early Church.  This week we explored the Great Commission.

I wonder what it was like for the disciples? Were they nervous, scared? Were they going to end up like Jesus? -Addison

*I wonder how it felt when Jesus said he had to leave his disciples?

*I wonder why some of them believed and some of them doubted that Jesus was alive?

*I wonder what it means that Jesus has all “authority in heaven and earth” (v.19)

*I wonder what it looks like in my life to “go to the nations” and “make disciples”?


Grades 5-6, Why does it matter that Jesus rose again? How can we know it actually happened?

The younger middler schoolers finished a month long study of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

*Reread John 20.

*What’s hard to believe or trust about the resurrection and the gospel accounts?



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