More Ways to Prepare for Easter and Beyond

My husband came across our four year old this morning retelling the Nativity story.  She had commandeered some (unused) toilet paper to act as the road and her My Little Ponies as the characters. Pinky Pie lay on her side as baby Jesus with two other ponies as Mary and Joseph surrounding the Son of God.  Her large Elsa like baby Doll was high over her head, watching everything from above as the angel.

I think children have so much to teach us about inhabiting the story of God.  I would never have envisioned Jesus’ birth quite the way Addie did this morning but I love how resourceful she was in using what she had to process and re-enter the ultimate story.  How often to I view my time reading God’s word as a time to step in and really hear from God and replay and replay over in my mind and heart what he is saying to me, teaching me?

The stories leading to Easter are ones we need to retell ourselves and our children over and over again.  Somehow it feels easy to retell the nativity, the story of a precious baby.  It feels harder to retell the harsh and raw stories of the Holy Week.  But without the pain, how can we really know the joy of Easter morning? How can we really grasp what Christ truly accomplished without re-entering the Last Supper and Good Friday stories?

Here are just a couple more resources to help us stop and consider as families the pain and beauty of Easter:


Mission Accomplished by Scott James

The devotion is to be used a week prior and after Easter and includes scripture, questions, prayers, hymns to sing, and family activities.  For elementary aged children. I have a church copy, email me if you’d like to borrow it!


Passion Hymns for a Kid’s Heart by Bobbie Wolgemuth and Joni E. Tada

A great resource for introducing kids to Lent and Easter hymns.

2 more Easter activities to do with kids:

Egg Carton Story of Easter– With a few basic supplies, you can retell the Easter story with simple symbols held inside a dozen plastic eggs.

The Jesus Story Easter Eggs – Fun for Kids!



…Or you can save time and buy a set with a companion book, Benjamin’s Box.

Grace GardenAnn Voskamp has this great idea to make a planter with kids and add the open tomb as a way to celebrate and talk about Jesus’ resurrection.

A Family Christian Activity for Easter ……. Make a Grace Garden {A Visual Parable}


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