Easter Picture Books

I’ve compiled a list of Easter books and books about the life of Christ.  I’ve chosen ones that are both beautiful  and well written.  Of course, this is just a sampling, so please share any other favorite Easter titles and I’ll add them to the list. Some of them I own (and you are welcome to borrow!) and some I’ve been able to request through interlibrary loan as well.


The first Easter Day by Jill Roman Lord-A great beginner book that tells the Easter story from multiple perspectives.  A touch and feel book that’s great for toddlers.



J is for Jesus by Debbie Trafton O’Neal-This alphabet book has simple text that highlights to chief concepts and characters in the Easter story.  The illustrations depict a diversity of skin colors, which is a refreshing departure from many traditional bible stories.  Ages 4-8 and includes activities to do as a family.



Bunny’s First Spring by Sally Lloyd Jones-Although not explicitly stating the gospel, the author uses a story about new life and death in spring to mirror what Christ accomplished on Easter.




Easter Story by Brian Wildsmith –Glorious watercolors with simple text, told from the perspective of a donkey, ages 3 and up.  My favorite Easter book.



Make Room: A Child’s Guide to Lent and Easter by Laura Alary-This is the best book I’ve read that explains for young ones the meaning and the way of Lent as a time to prepare to celebrate Easter.  For preschoolers and up. I bought a copy for DIG-email me if you’d like to borrow it!



The Tale of Three Trees by Angela Ellwell Hunt-This books tells the Easter story from the perspective of 3 trees in the forest who end of being the trees used to fashion the 3 crosses during Good Friday.  For ages 4 and up.




Easter by Jan Pienkowski-The story of Passion week and Easter, with excerpts from the KJV.  The illustrator creates fantastic papercut silhouettes with excerpts from the Gospels.  Best suited for elementary aged children.



At Jerusalem’s Gate by Nikki Grimes –Simple and profound poems that tell the story of Easter week with lovely woodcut illustrations.


Peter’s First Easter by Walter Wangerin


Peter’s First Easter by Walter Wangerin.  This book captures the utter joy of the first Easter from Peter’s perspective, retold by a masterful storyteller.



The Donkey who carried a King by R.C. Sproul-This books tells the story of Palm Sunday and Passion Week from the perspective of Davey the Donkey who carries Jesus to Jerusalem.  Delightful illustrations, for ages 6 and up.



Legend of Faith Comic Books


These comic books include several issues on the Easter story.  For ages 8 and up.


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