This Week in DIG 2/7

February’s Memory Verse

Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.  Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.

-1 Chronicles 16:9-10, “Sing Praise to Him” from Seeds of Praise album, track 7

Infants-Praying over our littlest ones


We have started a new practice in the infants room.  Each week volunteers spend some time prayer over the babies present and absent (see posted prayer above).  We pray for the children’s time in DIG but also for their physical and spiritual development.  If you have specific prayer requests for your child, please let a nursery volunteer know-we’d love to be praying more specifically!

Thanks to Jess Maravich and all the other nursery volunteers involved in brainstorming and organizing this practice!


This month toddlers have been exploring the stories of Jesus’ Miracles including Feeding the 5000, and Calming the Storm.


Possible activities and questions to ask with your toddler:

*Act out the story with your child, using bath toys to retell Jesus and the storm and pretend food to retell The feeding of the 5000.

*Read the accounts of these 2 stories from Sally Lloyd Jones’ Tiny Bear’s Bible or Jesus Storybook Bible.

*Some wondering questions:

-I wonder how the people felt having a meal with Jesus?

-I wonder what it was like to be in the boat with Jesus in the storm?

Preschool- Follow Me, Mark 1:16-20

Preschoolers will spend February exploring the stories of Jesus’s ministry.


*I wonder how the poor and sick felt being near Jesus?

*I wonder why Peter and Andrew would leave their fishing nets and follow Jesus?

*I wonder why some of the fisherman stayed in the boat and didn’t follow Jesus?

*I wonder what the kingdom of God is like that Jesus is showing them?  


Grades K-1-Portfolio Reflection and Review

Younger Elementary children spent Sunday looking back the their reflections from the year so far.  They choose a favorite reflection to reread and wonder about.


*I wonder which story and reflection was a favorite from the year so far?

*What do I remember from that story?

*What made that story and reflection so special?


Grades 2-4, Numbers 14

Older Elementary children return to the Old Testament during February.  They explored the story of the Isrealites rebelling against God and refusing to go to the Promised Land.


*I wonder why the Isrealites want to return to Egypt?

*I wonder why they fear the people in the Promised Land so much?

*I wonder why God decided to be merciful to the Isrealites?

*I wonder why the Isrealites change their mind and try to fight their enemies?

Grades 5-6, Who is the Holy Spirit?

The younger middler schoolers will spend February examining the person and work of the Holy Spirit.


*Reread the passages John 14:26-28, John 16:5-15.

*What about the Holy Spirit confuses you?  What comforts you?

*Have you ever sensed him at work in your heart and life?

Grade 7-8

*Reread Mark 7:1-23.  What do you notice about Jesus here?  How does it connect with your life?

The grades 7-8 class painted a large chalkboard in the foyer of the DIG space.  They are displaying some of their reflection there from their study of Mark.  Make sure to check it out!

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