This Week in DIG, 1/17

January’s Memory Verse

Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.

-Matthew 12:34, “The Mouth” from Seeds of Praise album, track 6


This month toddlers have been exploring the story of The Lost Sheep from Psalm 23 and John 10


Possible activities and questions to ask with your toddler:

*Act out the story with your child, using the shepherds found in a nativity set.

*Read parts of Psalm 23 and John 10.

*Some wondering questions:

-I wonder what the sheep’s names were?

-I wonder how the sheep feel with the Good Shepherd?

Preschool- Boy Jesus in the Temple, Luke 2:41-52

Preschoolers will spend January exploring the stories of Jesus’s early life and ministry


*I wonder how Jesus felt when he was finally old enough to go to the temple by himself?

*I wonder how Mary and Joseph felt when they couldn’t find Jesus?

*I wonder what Jesus meant when he called the temple “His Father’s house”?

Grades K-1-A Little Girl and a Poor Frail Lady (Jesus Storybook Bible), from Luke 8

Younger Elementary children will continue in the  Jesus Storybook Bible this month by reading through  stories of Jesus’ ministry.  This week they explored the story of Jairus’ daughter.


*I wonder how Jairus felt as he watched his daughter get sicker?

*I wonder how Jesus knew that someone had touched him in such a big crowd?

*I wonder why Jesus took time with the frail lady?

*I wonder what it was like when the little girl came back to life?

Grades 2-4, Review of reflections

Older Elementary children will spend January looking at Jesus’ young life and ministry. This Sunday, they took a break and looked back at all their reflections from the year so far.  They chose a couple favorite reflections and answered some questions about them.

*I wonder what your favorite reflection and story was so far this year?

*What about the reflection did you like?

*What do you still wonder about that story?  Go back and reread it with your family and see if you can answer your question.

Grades 5-6 Who is Jesus?

Suggested Individual Reflection:

  1. Reread Isaiah 61:1-2. As you look at the Isaiah passage, what are places in your life where you want to know Jesus’ freedom, where you need good news?  (What does Jesus need to deliver you from)
  2. Where in your life have you seen Jesus’ good news at work? (What has he delivered you from)

Take Home Question: Ask a friend, if there was one thing you change in the world, what would it be?

Grade 7-8

*Reread Mark 6:1-10.  What do you notice about Jesus here?  How does it connect with your life?

The grades 7-8 class painted a large chalkboard in the foyer of the DIG space.  They are displaying some of their reflection there from their study of Mark.  Make sure to check it out!



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