This Week in DIG 1/3/16

January’s Memory Verse

Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.

-Matthew 12:34, “The Mouth” from Seeds of Praise album, track 6




This month toddlers have been exploring the story of The Lost Sheep from Psalm 23 and John 10


Possible activities and questions to ask with your toddler:

*Act out the story with your child, using the shepherds found in a nativity set.

*Read parts of Psalm 23 and John 10.

*Some wondering questions:

-I wonder what the sheep’s names were?

-I wonder how the sheep feel with the Good Shepherd?

Preschool- The Magi Show the Way to Bethlehem, Matthew 1-2, Luke 1-2

Preschoolers finished their study of Christmas by following the Magi on their way to Bethlehem.


*I wonder how the Magi felt when the saw the special star for the baby King Jesus?

*I wonder if it was hard for them to find King Jesus?

*I wonder what it’s like to be a baby and a king?


Grades K-1-Heaven Breaks through (Jesus Storybook Bible), Matthew 3

Younger Elementary children will continue in the  Jesus Storybook Bible this month by reading through  stories of Jesus’ ministry.  This week they explored the story of Jesus’ Baptism.

*I wonder how they felt when John told them to change the way they live and get ready for the special Son of God, Jesus?

*I wonder why Jesus needed to be baptized?

*I wonder what it was like to  see the light around Jesus and hear God’s voice from heaven?

*I wonder if the people were ready to be close to Jesus?

Grades 2-4, Jesus Presented in the Temple, Luke 2:22-40

Older Elementary children will spend January looking at Jesus’ young life and ministry.


This Sunday they explored the story of Baby Jesus being presented at the Temple.


*I wonder why Jewish parents presented their children to the Lord?

*I wonder what it was like when Simeon took baby Jesus and acted like he knew him and talked to God loudly?

*I wonder what it means that through Jesus would be “the falling and rising of many” (v. 34)?

*I wonder what it was like for the prophetess Anna to meet baby Jesus?

Grades 5-6 Who is Jesus?

*Review Question (based on last months study of “What does it mean to be human?”):   Do you believe that humans have intrinsic value? Defend your answer.

Takeaway Question : Reread Matthew 4:1-11 , Mark 11:15-19.  Why did Jesus have to be human?


Grade 7-8

*Reread Mark 5:22-43.  What do you think was significant about these healings?  Who are the marginalized people in your world that Jesus would have reached out and touched?

The grades 7-8 class painted a large chalkboard in the foyer of the DIG space.  They are displaying some of their reflection there from their study of Mark.  Make sure to check it out!




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