This week in DIG 11/29

December’s Memory Verse

Oh God you are my God, earnestly I seek you.  My soul yearns for you, my body longs for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water.  I’ve seen you in the sanctuary, beheld your power and your glory because your love is better life, my soul will glorify you, I will praise you.

Psalm 63:1-3, Better Than Life, Seeds of Praise, track 1



This month toddlers have been exploring the story of Abraham.


Possible activities and questions to ask with your toddler:

*Have you ever been on a long trip like Abram?  What do you think he packed?  Act out packing for a long journey like Abram.

*Talk about the desert through which Abram and his family traveled to get to the land God promised.  What’s it like to travel in a desert and what lives there?

Preschool- Exile and Return, Ezra 1-6

IMG_8783.JPGPreschoolers are looking at stories from the Old Testament, that display the arc of God’s redemptive story.  This week preschoolers learned about the Babylonian Captivity and return to Jerusalem.

This is a girl who left Jerusalem and then got to go back.  She was happy.-Julia
The King said they could go on the race track.-Paul

*I wonder what it was like for the People of God to see the temple torn down and have to leave their home?

*I wonder what it was like to journey and live in Babylon, a strange land?

*I wonder why some of the people of God stayed in Babylon?

*I wonder why some of the people of God returned to their home?

Grades K-1-Daniel and the Scary Sleepover (Jesus Storybook Bible)


Younger Elementary children continued in the  Jesus Storybook Bible with the story of Daniel and the Lions’ den.

*I wonder why the King’s other helpers didn’t like Daniel?

*I wonder why Daniel prayed three times a day, by himself?

*I wonder why the king would make a rule that everyone must pray to him?

*I wonder who this other young Hero will be who would “pull off the greatest rescue the world has ever known”?

Grades 2-4, Mount Sinai, Exodus 19-20

Older Elementary children are spending November studying key stories of Exodus.

Why would they die if they touched the mountain? Maybe it was holy ground.-Tony

*I wonder what it was like for Moses to hear God’s voice on Sinai?

*I wonder what it means that Isreal would be God’s “treasured possession”?

*I wonder which command seems the most important ?

*I wonder which one was the hardest to follow?

Grades 5-6 What does it mean to be human? Off


Grade 7-8 Mark 6:1-29

Each week the Older Middle Schoolers will look at a new passage in Mark.

1. Reread this week’s passage.  What does this passage teach me about Jesus as Controversial?

2. What does this passage teach me about following Jesus?

3. So what? (What difference does this make for my life?)

The grades 7-8 class painted a large chalkboard in the foyer of the DIG space.  They are displaying some of their reflection there from their study of Mark.  Make sure to check it out!  




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