This Week in DIG 11/22

November’s Memory Verse

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast beacuse he trusts in you.  Trust in the Lord forever for the Lord, the Lord is the Rock eternal.

-Isaiah 26:3-4, The Rock Eternal, Seeds of Praise, Track 5


IMG_8465 IMG_8468 IMG_8472 IMG_8471

This month toddlers have been exploring the story of Abraham.


Possible activities and questions to ask with your toddler:

*Have you ever been on a long trip like Abram?  What do you think he packed?  Act out packing for a long journey like Abram.

*Talk about the desert through which Abram and his family traveled to get to the land God promised.  What’s it like to travel in a desert and what lives there?

Preschool- The Temple, a House for God 2 Samuel 5:1-7:1-17

The King is walking away to get a tree-Lily C.

Preschoolers are looking at stories from the Old Testament, that display the arc of God’s redemptive story.  This week preschoolers learned about the building of God’s temple.

*I wonder how it felt to finally live in the land that God promised and to build a house for God?

*I wonder what it was like to build the Temple?

*I wonder who got to help build the Temple and how they did it?

*I wonder what it felt like to go to the Temple in Jerusalem?

Grades K-1-The Young Hero and the Terrible Giant (Jesus Storybook Bible)

Younger Elementary children continued in the  Jesus Storybook Bible with the story of David and Goliath.

I wonder how David felt when he fought Goliath? Maybe he felt proud because he got Goliath.-Emily
-by Sadie

*I wonder it was like to see and hear Goliath if you were one of the People of God?

*I wonder why David felt so confident that God would save his people when Goliath was so much bigger and stronger?

*I wonder why the Philistines ran away after Goliath dies?

*I wonder who the young Hero is who will fight “the greatest battle the world has ever known”?

Grades 2-4, Manna and Quail, Exodus 16:1-31

Older Elementary children are spending November studying key stories of Exodus.


*I wonder why the Isrealites forgot so quickly what God had done for them by delivering them from Egypt?

*I wonder why the People of God cared so much about what food they eat?

*I wonder what manna looked like ?

*I wonder what the Isrealites learned about God by seeing him provide manna?

Grades 5-6 What does it mean to be Human?

This month as the younger middle schoolers study what it means to be human, they explored the question What does it mean to be created in God’s image? 

Students wrote their top 5 attributes that define them.


Reread Genesis 2.

*What struck you about how God created people?

*What did you learn more deeply about what it means to be created in His image?

Grade 7-8 Mark 5:21-43

Each week the Older Middle Schoolers will look at a new passage in Mark.

1. Reread this week’s passage.  What does this passage teach me about Jesus as Powerful Lord and Love Initiator?

2. What does this passage teach me about following Jesus?

3. So what? (What difference does this make for my life?)


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