Thanksgiving Books

I’m saddened by how quickly Thanksgiving becomes a parenthesis between Halloween and Christmas, at least commercially.  Ollie and I were at Target the other day and I already felt the impulse to buy a couple Christmas presents and Thanksgiving is still several weeks away.  Employees were replacing ghosts and pumpkins with tinsel and shiny ornaments.

There’s something about the simplicity to Thanksgiving that I love.  Yes there’s a mountain of food preperation but really that’s it right?  Its central theme remains a reminder of God’s abundant blessings, a season to remember what has been given to us at such a great coast.

Here’s some Thanksgiving books for a variety of ages to remind us to linger as families, to pause and dwell on the gracious and overflowing nature of our God.

For Toddlers


Thank you Lord for everything by PJ Lyons, Tim Warnes

This board book with its rhyming text is very accessible for our youngest readers.


Thank you God by Alia Nolan

I really like this one because it is both a lift the flap book which all toddlers love and it’s multi ethnic, showing how children can be thankful for different things and love the same God.

For Preschoolers


Thankful by Eileen Spinelli

Another rhyming book that has humorous verses that will really engage and surprise children.


The Blessings Jar by Colleen Coble

This book offers an analogous activity to the Thanksgiving tree to cultivate in our families the practice and posture of gratitude.


Give thanks to the Lord by Karma Wilson

This author, the write of the Bear Snores on series and many other language rich picture books uses Psalms 92 to talk about things to appreciate during the Thanksgiving season.

For Elementary Aged Children


Thank you God by J. Bradley Wigger and Jago

This book is illustrated by Jago, the illustrator for the Jesus Storybook Bible.  It beautifully models for children what it looks like to thank God for his daily wonderful gifts.


Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving by Eric Metaxsis

This is a fascinating and beautifully illustrated account of Squanto’s life and faith.  It explains his role in the first Thanksgiving and gives a balanced view of what actually happened during that first feast.|359640|


Mary’s First Thanksgiving by Kathy Jo Wargin

Mary is a modern day pilgrim who has emigrated to the states from Ireland.  Through celebrating her first Thanksgiving she learns that God has provided just what they need, even when it doesn’t feel like enough.


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