DIG Discussion Guide for 11/1

November’s Memory Verse

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast beacuse he trusts in you.  Trust in the Lord forever for the Lord, the Lord is the Rock eternal.

-Isaiah 26:3-4, The Rock Eternal, Seeds of Praise, Track 5

Infant Room



IMG_0014 IMG_0015 IMG_0016 IMG_0017 IMG_0018


This month toddlers have been exploring the story of Noah. Possible activities to do with your toddler:

*Using toy animals and figurines, act out the story of Noah, using a box as a pretend ark.

*Talk about rainbows. Share some beautiful pictures of them like these: http://webneel.com/beautiful-rainbow-photography. Thank God for it’s reminder of His mercy and faithfulness for us.

Preschool- The Ten Best Ways to Live, Exodus 19-20, Deuteronomy 6:4-6


Preschoolers will spend the next 2 months looking at stories from the Old Testament, that display the arc of God’s redemptive story.  This week they heard the story of The Ten Commandments.

*I wonder how it feels to be free?  I wonder if it’s hard to be free?

*I wonder what Moses and God talked about on the holy mountain?

*I wonder if it’s hard to love God and love people?

*I wonder which is the most important law to you?

Grades K-1-The Present (Jesus Storybook Bible), Genesis 22


Younger Elementary children continued in the  Jesus Storybook Bible with the story of Abraham and Isaac.

*I wonder why God asked Abraham to give back his son Isaac?

*I wonder what Abraham and Isaac were thinking as they climbed the mountain to make the sacrifice?

*I wonder what Abraham meant by” God will give us the lamb, son” (65)?

*I wonder what the “wonderful present” would be that God would give to the whole world (69)?

Grades 2-4, Moses Burning Bush Exodus 3, 4:18-21

Why did Jesus tell that man (Moses) to take his shoes off?- Madison


Older Elementary children are spending November studying key stories of Exodus.

*I wonder what the angel of the Lord in the flames of fire looked like?

*I wonder why God told Moses to take off his sandals?

*I wonder why Moses was so nervous about speaking with Moses?

*I wonder what God meant when he said his name was “I AM”?

Grades 5-6 Who is God? What Does it Mean that God is Trinity?


*Choose one or two of the following passages to reread: Romans 1:7-9, Acts 5:3-4, John 17.  What do these passages teach you about God as trinity?

*Why is it important to understand that God is 3 persons in one?  Why does it matter to you?

Grade 7-8  Off


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