Meet our DIG Leadership Team

As many of you may know, I work with team of gifted volunteer “Gardeners” on the DIG Leadership Team.  Each of these Gardeners oversees one the DIG classrooms.  For those of you new to BeFree or who have children entering a new DIG classroom, here’s an snapshot of what they do and who they are.

What do DIG Gardeners do?

*Ensure their classroom(s) are tidy and sufficiently supplied.

*Communicate weekly with classroom volunteers to check in about each Sunday’s class and to respond to questions and concerns.  Help train new classroom volunteers.

*Communicate with Jackie and attend bimonthly Leadership meetings.

*Pray for classroom volunteers and children.

*Consider ways to further the DIG vision in their classroom.

DIG Gardeners

Nursery Gardener-Holly Guevara

photo for DIG Holly Guevara lives in Dover with her husband Paul.  She is a grad student in chemistry at UNH and loves outdoor activities.  She and her husband also serve as facility directors for BeFree Dover. Contact:>.

Toddler Gardener-Shawn and Maranda Campbell


Shawn and Maranda live in Dover with their 4 kids Arilyn, Addison, Owen, and Alexa.  They are gifted photographers and videographers and are responsible for all our wonderful DIG videos and photos.  Shawn is a doctor and Maranda is studying to become a teacher. Contact:

Preschool Gardener: Gina Henker


Gina Henker lives in Dover with her husband Adam and three children.  She likes old lady activities like embroidery, gardening and reading big novels and the news.  She absolutely adores the energy and unpredictability of preschoolers.

Grades K-1 Gardener: Courtney Sessler


Courtney lives in Dover with her husband Eric and their two sons Owen and Charlie.  She recently returned to working at Horne Street School.  She’s excited to see our K-1 class growing from 1 to 2 classrooms this year!

Grades 2-4 Gardener: Lindsay Healey


Lindsay lives in Dover with her husband Randy and their 3 children Jenni, Maddie, and Jacob.  She works as a speech and language pathologist at a special needs preschool in Sandford, ME. She is our newest member to the DIG Leadership Team!

Grades 5-6 Gardener: Jackie Jorgensen


Jackie lives in Newmarket with her husband Brendan and 2 children.  She is also the DIG Director.  She loves the privilege of seeing middle schoolers make their faith their own. Contact:

Grades 7-8 Gardener: Bjorn Anderson


Bjorn lives in Dover with his wife Abby and 2 sons.  As a local Young Life leader for many years, he has great experience working with youth.  He is also an assistant pastor at BeFree Dover.

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