DIG Discussion Guide for 9/20

Toddler Room


We will spend the next month talking about creation by reading the creation account in the big book God Made Our World. Questions to talk with your toddler about:

*What are some things God created in your world? Go an exploration together and thank God for those things.

Preschool -The Good Shepherd, Psalm 23


Preschoolers reviewed how to walk, talk, think, and pray in their new worship space together.  They also heard the story of The Good Shepherd.  God as our shepherd is a recurring theme throughout the year of preschool stories.

*I wonder if the sheep have names?

*I wonder if the sheep are happy in this place?

*I wonder how the sheep feel with the Good Shepherd?

*I wonder how the Good Shepherd feels about the sheep?

Grades K-1-The Story and the Song, Psalm 19, Hebrews 1

IMG_0054 IMG_0055

Younger Elementary children had their first Jesus Storybook Bible story, The Story and the Song, which gives an overview of what the Bible is all about.

*I wonder where I see God say “I love you” in your life?

*I wonder what part of the Story of the Bible will be most exciting? Most interesting?

*I wonder who this Child will be in the Story?

Grades 2-4 Creation, Genesis 1


Older Elementary children reviewed how the 24 room works and how each week will go.  They discussed how to use materials safely and how to spend a reflection time well.

*I wonder what it was like before God created light?

*I wonder why God created water before land?

*I wonder why God created humans?

*Where did Adam live?

Grades 5-6 What is Scripture?


Younger Middle Schoolers continue decorating their DIG journal covers, describing how God has created them uniquely and dove into their month long study of scripture.

*Reread Gen 1:3, Ps 19:1-2-What stood out to you about what scripture is?

*What did you discover about who wrote scripture and about how its organized?

Grade 7-8  Mark 1

The Older Middle Schoolers spent some time getting to know one another and then discussed the launch of their semester long bible study of the gospel of Mark.  Each week they will look at a new passage through the lens of these questions.  They looked at Mark 1:

1. What does this passage teach me about Jesus?

2. What does this passage teach me about following Jesus?

3. So what? (What difference does this make for my life?)


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