Back to School Book Reviews

The beginning of the school year always feels like the more natural time to celebrate a New Year: new clothes, newly sharpened pencils, new more structured schedule, new season.  With that in mind here are a couple old and new resources for both parents and kids as we head into the fall.


The Very Worried Sparrow by Meryl Doney

This classic tale with new illustrations tells the story of a young sparrow that worries about everything but learns that his Heavenly Father gives him the security he longs for.  Great for kiddos that might be feeling anxious about preschool or starting elementary school.


The Bigger Story by Kevin DeYoung, illustrated by Don Clark

This brand new picture book is so powerful!  Illustrated by the grammy award winning illustrator Don Clark, it breathtakingly retells the redemption story of Christ through key bible stories.  Recommended for elementary aged kids.


Grace Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel

This book has been around for a decade and captures what it looks like to live out the Gospel’s perfect balance of grace and truth with our children.  Highly recommended.


Going Public by David and Kelli Pritchard

I would encourage any families who are considering or are apart of the public school system to read this book.  Written by a Young Life couple who have guided their 8 children through Washington State public schools, the book offers helpful insights about how to give children a Godly foundation that will help them flourish in public schools.  I have a church copy of this book.  Email me @ if you’d like to borrow it.


The Ology: Ancient Truths ever new by Marty Machowski

Coming available in October, this book is a great resource for K-6 graders for family devotions.  It is divided into 71 different truths about God and uses pictoral analogies to explain very abstract concepts.


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