Back to School with Seeds of Praise: Memory Verses for School year ’15-16

It’s hard to believe September is around corner, summer seems to have sped by!  The DIG leadership team and I have been busy getting classrooms and materials ready for another great year in DIG.

I’ll be doing a blog series to prepare for the fall with posts on the following topics: meeting our gardeners, new books to share with kids and parents, and what’s new in DIG classrooms.  Today I wanted to share this year’s monthly scripture memory plan.


To aid in scripture memory we will use songs from the Seeds Family Worship (SFW) cd called Seeds of Praise.  If you aren’t familiar with SFW, it is a ministry that puts scripture to music to encourage families to memorize scripture together.  The cds are very affordable (when you purchase one, they come with a duplicate cd to give away).  You can also listen to any SFW cds for free on their website or on other music streaming services such as Spotify.  As the title suggests, Seeds of Praise features verses that focus on praising God.

To find the year’s schedule of verses and the songs they corrolate to, simply click on 15-16 memory verses to download the list.  You can also find this list on the scripture memory tab of this blog. Each month we offer copies of the current verse on the sign by your child’s classroom.

It’s going to be a great year in scripture memory!  Hope you and your family will join us!

Next in the series: Back to school Books for Parents and Kids


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