DIG Discussion Guide for 8/2

Moments from DIG Rooms


Preschool-The Parable of the Great Banquet, Matthew 14: 15-24

In preschool, we finished up our summer exploration of parables.  We talked about how parables are like presents.  “They have already been given to us…And sometimes parables    seem to have lids on them.  But when you lift the lid of a parable there is something very precious inside” (Young Children and Worship, pg 156).  In them we learn about the beauty of the Kingdom of God.

*I wonder how it felt to be invited to this great feast?

*I wonder if these people have names?

*I wonder why these people came and others wouldn’t?

*I wonder how the master feels about the guests?

Upcoming Dates:

Sunday September 13th-DIG Kickoff Sunday-All DIG classes (infant-8th grade resume for the school year.

Sunday September 20th-DIG Volunteer Brunch, 8am, Befree Dover


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