Summer reading: Christian picture books and devotionals

Happy Summer!  With school finally complete and days of beach and sand here, it’s time for some new books to share with our kids!  Here’s list of some new or new to me picture books and resources for our children.


Audrey Bunny by Angie Smith

A sweet story of slightly imperfect and loveable bunny that displays our uniqueness in Christ.


God made light by Matthew Paul Turner

Lyrical and cheery book about how God created light and His light is in us.


Everything a child should know about God by Kenneth Taylor

A very helpful book that distills doctrine for toddlers with inviting illustrations.


Big Red Tractor and the little village by Francis Chan

Really engaging parable to introduce children to the concept of how the Bible and God working in us teaches us how to love others.


Jonah’s whale by Eileen Spinelli

A fresh retelling of the Jonah story from the whale’s perspective.


Moses by Brian Wildsmith

An English children’s author who wrote in the eighties and nineties who I can’t say enough great things about!  I featured his Easter book and he has a bunch of other bible story picture books including Joseph and Exodus that are simply stunning!


Hymns for a kids heart by Bobbi Wulgamoth

A series of books introducing kids to hymns and the stories behind them.


For such a time as this: stories of women of the bible, retold for girls by Angie Smith

Empowering for girls and beautifully told, appropriate for elementary and up.


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