Tiny Bear’s Bible: A great book for our littlest ones


Sometimes it can feel hard to find books for infants and toddlers that really clearly and eloquently tell bible stories in ways that their little minds can hear and absorb.  I’ve used Tiny Bear’s Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones with both of my children starting in infancy and it is a gem.  The author uses rhyming prose to tell a dozen bible stories succinctly and lyrically, without distilling the central truths about God the stories convey.

You can find it here (it comes in pink and blue addition): http://www.christianbook.com/bears-bible-board-book-faux-pink/sally-lloyd-jones/9780310728795/pd/728790?dv=c&en=google-pla&event=SHOP&kw=homeschool-0-20&p=1179710&gclid=CjwKEAjwtYSsBRCDx6rM1v_uqmsSJAAZgf2qdb_gN01tAIY6vAk7zHXT3b0z0b3yFEUkB9wIABjGwhoCIkHw_wcB

Also here is an excellent post by the author, Sally Lloyd Jones who details her intentions in writing Tiny Bear’s Bible and our responsibility as parents to tell our kids the truth even at a young age and even when it feels weighty and scary.  Really thought-provoking, a must read.

Find Sally Lloyd Jones post, “When you’ve got to figure out how to get your family through the storms” here: http://www.aholyexperience.com/2015/06/when-youve-got-to-figure-out-how-to-get-you-and-your-family-through-storms/


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