DIG Discussion Guide for 5/17

May’s Memory Verse:
If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come. –2 Corinthians 5:17 New Creation, Seeds of Faith, Track 12

Here are questions discussed in DIG classrooms on 5/17.


Preschool-Pentecost, Acts 2

*I wonder what it felt like to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost?

*I wonder what it was like for Jesus’ friends as they told the amazing things about God?

*I wonder what the Holy Spirit wants us to do with God’s gifts?

Grades K-1-Running Away (From Jesus Storybook Bible, Luke 15)

*I wonder why the boy thought he was better off without his father?

*I wonder how it felt when he was off in the far country spending his money?

*I wonder what it was like to eat piggy food?

*I wonder why the father welcomed the son back?  I wonder what this story has to do with God?

Elementary Classes

Grades 2-4 students (and some in K1) looked back through their portfolios and worked on an End of the Year Reflection in preparation for the DIG Celebration on 5/31. They talked through the following questions:

1.) Share a story that you really liked. Why did you like it?

2.) Share a story that you still have lots of questions about. What are some of the things you’re still wondering about?

3.) Share a story where you learned something about God and/or Jesus. What did you learn?



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