More ways to prepare for Easter and a new book about Family Discipleship

jpegMission Accomplished by Scott James.  Scott James is an elder at David Platt’s church, The Church at Brook Hills and serves in the children’s ministry there.  The devotion is to be used a week prior and after Easter and includes scripture, questions, prayers, hymns to sing, and family activities.  For elementary aged children and older. I have a church copy, so let me know if you’d like to borrow it!

 2 more Easter activities to do with kids:

Egg Carton Story of Easter– With a few basic supplies, you can retell the Easter story with simple symbols held inside a dozen plastic eggs.

The Jesus Story Easter Eggs – Fun for Kids!

Grace Garden-Ann Voskamp has this great idea to make a planter with kids and add the open tomb as a way to celebrate and talk about Jesus’ resurrection.

A Family Christian Activity for Easter ……. Make a Grace Garden {A Visual Parable}

1 More Book on Discipleship of our Children

Dedicated: Training518297 your children to trust and follow Jesus by J. Houser, B. Harrington, C. Harrington.  This new book is authored by the Seeds Family Worship founder (we use their cds for our scripture memory songs) and a pastor and his son.  The book is a wonderful overview of what it looks like to shepherd our children in their relationship with God.  I found their advice on creating a Family Worship routine especially helpful.  I have a copy of this book, email me if you would like to borrow it.


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