DIG Discussion Guide 3/8

March’s Memory Verse:
Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in his ways.-Psalms 128:1, Seeds of Faith (vol. 2, track 9)

Below are the scriptures and some questions discussed in DIG classes on 3/8.

Adopt a Missionary Initiative

th To coincide with Missions Sunday on 3/22, each DIG classroom adopted a missionary our church supports. On Sunday, members from the Global Mission Team shared about each missionary and their country.  Children received a page to bring home.

Preschool-Jesus and Bartimaeus, Matthew 20:29-34

*I wonder how it feels to be blind?

*I wonder how it feels to see for the first time?

*I wonder how it felt for Bartimaeus to follow Jesus on the way to Jerusalum?

Grades K-1-Washed with Tears, from Mark 14 (Jesus Storybook Bible)

*I wonder why the leaders were so mean to the woman?

*I wonder why the woman poured perfume on Jesus’ feet?

*I wonder what it means for Jesus to be my Rescuer like he was for the woman?

Grades 2-4-Luke 4

*I wonder what it was like to be in the desert for 40 days without food, as Jesus was?

*I wonder what it meant that the words of Isaiah were fulfilled?

*I wonder why people were offended by Jesus’ words?

Middle School: Month’s Theme: Jesus’ Life and Death?

 * What is Communion? 1 Corinthians 11

High School Community Group: 


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