DIG Discussion Guide 3/29

March’s Memory Verse:DSC_1064
Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in his ways.-Psalms 128:1, Seeds of Faith (vol. 2, track 9)

Below are the scriptures and some questions discussed in DIG classes on 3/29

Preschool-Jesus’ Last Passover, Matthew 26:26-28

*I wonder how the disciples felt eating the bread and drinking the wine?

*I wonder how they felt when Jesus said “This is my body broken for you?”

*I wonder how they felt when Jesus died?

DSC_1066Grades K-1-The Sun Stops Shining, from Matthew 27 (Jesus Storybook Bible)

*I wonder what it was like for Jesus be hurt by the soldiers?

*I wonder how Jesus could forgive those who killed Him?

* I wonder why Jesus was willing to give up his life?

Grades 2-4-Luke 22:1-38

*I wonder why the chief priests wanted to get rid of Jesus?

*I wonder why Judas betrayed his good friend, Jesus?

*I wonder what it means that the cup of wine is a new covenant in Jesus’ blood?

*I wonder how Jesus felt at the Passover meal, knowing what was about to happen?

Middle School: Month’s Theme: Jesus’ Life and Death

 * Why did Jesus have to die? Our Substitute (John 19, Romans 3:21-26)

High School Community Group: 


More ways to prepare for Easter and a new book about Family Discipleship

jpegMission Accomplished by Scott James.  Scott James is an elder at David Platt’s church, The Church at Brook Hills and serves in the children’s ministry there.  The devotion is to be used a week prior and after Easter and includes scripture, questions, prayers, hymns to sing, and family activities.  For elementary aged children and older. I have a church copy, so let me know if you’d like to borrow it!


 2 more Easter activities to do with kids:

Egg Carton Story of Easter– With a few basic supplies, you can retell the Easter story with simple symbols held inside a dozen plastic eggs.

The Jesus Story Easter Eggs – Fun for Kids!

Grace Garden-Ann Voskamp has this great idea to make a planter with kids and add the open tomb as a way to celebrate and talk about Jesus’ resurrection.

A Family Christian Activity for Easter ……. Make a Grace Garden {A Visual Parable}

1 More Book on Discipleship of our Children

Dedicated: Training518297 your children to trust and follow Jesus by J. Houser, B. Harrington, C. Harrington.  This new book is authored by the Seeds Family Worship founder (we use their cds for our scripture memory songs) and a pastor and his son.  The book is a wonderful overview of what it looks like to shepherd our children in their relationship with God.  I found their advice on creating a Family Worship routine especially helpful.  I have a copy of this book, email me if you would like to borrow it.


DIG Discussion Guide for 3/22

March’s Memory Verse:
Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in his ways.-Psalms 128:1, Seeds of Faith (vol. 2, track 9)

Below are the scriptures and some questions discussed in DIG classes on 3/22.


Preschool-Jesus the King, Matthew 21:1-11

*I wonder what it was like to see Jesus riding on the donkey towards Jerusalem?

*I wonder why all the people put their palms and coats on the ground?

*I wonder what it means that Jesus is our King?


Grades K-1-A Dark Night in the Garden, from Luke 22 (Jesus Storybook Bible)

*I wonder why Jesus’ friends slept while Jesus prayed? How did that make Jesus feel?

*I wonder why Jesus is willing to take the punishment and be separated from God for us?

* I wonder what it was like for Jesus to be arrested when he did nothing wrong?

Grades 2-4-Luke 19:28-44

*I wonder how Jesus knew where the disciples would find the donkey?

*I wonder why Jesus chose to enter Jerusalem on a donkey?

*I wonder why the Pharisees resented Jesus?

*I wonder why Jesus wept over the Jerusalem?

Middle School: Month’s Theme: Jesus’ Life and Death

 * Is God both Just and Loving?  If so, how can He be both? (John 19, Matt 16:21, Mark 8:31, Heb 9:26)

High School Community Group: 

Missions Resources

jpegThis coming Sunday at BeFree is Missions Sunday, a chance highlight how God is working around the world, especially through the work of our church supported missionaries.

As previously discussed, the DIG classes each adopted one BeFree supported missionary. Global Mission Team members shared about each missionary and children received an info page so that they can pray for them at home (if you need a sheet, there are extras by each DIG classroom doorway).

Below is a list of resources parents can use to educate and involve kids in global missions.

Children’s Books About Missions

From Ameba to Zapotec by June Hathersmith, Alice Roder– This is an alphabet books about “unreached” people groups, who have limited access to the Bible.  Although out of print, it is easy to find used copies online.  A great resource for toddlers and preschoolers. 


Window on the World by Daphne Spraggett , Jill JohnstoneAn excellent resource about unreached people groups, complete with photographs, anecdotes, and maps (Each DIG classroom has a copy as a resource.) Appropriate for preschool through middle school.


Jerusalum to Irian Jaya by Ruth Tucker-This exhaustive well researched volume gives an overview of the history of Christian missions.  For elementary aged kids and up.


Christian Hereos of Then and Now Series-This missionary biography series is put out by the mission board YWAM.  Great for read alouds to elementary aged kids or for middle school independent reading.  


Books for Parents

Operation World by Jason Mandryk-The adult version of Window on the World but it covers every country, it’s vital statistics, and prayer requests.  Great resource for family devotions.  


Becoming a World Changing Family by Donna Thomas-A helpful guide that outlines how families can be involved in Global Missions.


The Mission Minded Child by Ann Dunagan-Another book that gives parents guidance in how to give their children a heart for Global Missions.  


Too Small to Ignore by Dr. Wes Stafford-The author, leader of Compassion International, shares his life story as a missionary kid along with an impassioned call for championing the cause of our children and those around the globe.


Online Resources

*Wycliffe’s kids-Lots of cool activities to share with kids about Wycliffe’s bible translation. https://www.wycliffe.org/resources/kids-activities

*In Their Shoes-Free resources to use with kids about poverty around the world.   http://stepintomyshoes.org/

*Joshua Project-Information about unreached people groups.  http://joshuaproject.net/

*Operation World-http://www.operationworld.org/

DIG Discussion Guide for 3/15: Communion

March’s Memory Verse:
Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in his ways.-Psalms 128:1, Seeds of Faith (vol. 2, track 9)

Below are the scriptures and some questions discussed in DIG classes on 3/15.

Preschool-Jesus and Zaccheaus, Luke 19:1-10

*I wonder why no one liked Zaccheaus?

*I wonder what Zaccheaus thought when he first saw Jesus while in the tree?

*I wonder what others thought when Jesus went to Zaccheaus’ house?

Grades K-4

DSC_1047At BeFree it is important that children are treated as full participating worshippers and allowed into all parts of the service, when appropriate.  In order for Communion to be meaningful for children, we must explicitly teach them about its purpose and meaning  (see my blog post for more on Communion , https://befreedig.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/communion-and-children/)

On Sunday, the elementary students participated in a lesson on Communion.  We walked through Jesus’ Last Supper. Students discussed their own wonderings about Communion, and then reflected on it individually.  Here is a list of their questions.  You might want to discuss them at home:

*Why would they drink the blood?

*Why is it called “The Last Supper?”

*Why does Jesus have to die for us?

*How did it feel in the room during the Last Supper?

*What kinds of things do you think about during Communion?


Additional Resources

Here is some other resources to use with kids to further explore Communion.

Follow and Do


You’re Invited


The Lord’s Supper. . .Let’s Get Ready


Communion Coloring pages

http://www.biblewise.com/preview/archives/2012/april/kids_korner/fun_games/remember_jesus.htm http://whatsinthebible.com/activity-library/last-supper/

Easter Picture Books

I’ve compiled a list of Easter books and books about the life of Christ.  I’ve chosen ones that are both beautiful  and well written.  Of course, this is just a sampling, so please share any other favorite Easter titles and I’ll add them to the list.

The first Easter Day by Jill Roman Lord-A great beginner book that tells the Easter story from multiple perspectives.  For toddlers and is a touch and feel book.


Easter by Jan Pienkowski-My favorite retelling of the Passion week and Easter.  The illustrator creates fantastic papercut silhouettes with excerpts from the Gospels.  Ages 4 and up.


Easter Story by Brian Wildsmith Glorious watercolors with simple text, ages 3 and up.


The Tale of Three Trees by Angela Ellwell Hunt-This books tells the Easter story from the perspective of 3 trees in the forest who end of being the trees used to fashion the 3 crosses during Good Friday.  For ages 4 and up.


God gave us Easter by Lisa Tawn Bergren-For preschoolers.


J is for Jesus by Debbie Trafton O’Neal-This alphabet book has simple text that highlights to chief concepts and characters in the Easter story.  The illustrations depict a diversity of skin colors, which is a refreshing departure from many traditional bible stories.  Ages 4-8 and includes activities to do as a family.


The Story of the Easter Robin by Dandi Daley Mackell -A little girl Tressa watches a robin’s egg in a nest and wonders how it will stay alive.  Her Gran uses the story of Easter to help answer her questions.  For ages 6-12.


The Donkey who carried a King by R.C. Sproul-This books tells the story of Palm Sunday and Passion Week from the perspective of Davey the Donkey who carries Jesus to Jerusalem.  Delightful illustrations, for ages 6 and up.


Bunny’s First Spring by Sally Lloyd Jones-Although not explicitly stating the gospel, the author uses a story about new life and death in spring to mirror what Christ accomplished on Easter.


The Legend of the Sand Dollar by Chris Auer for ages 4 to 8.


Easter eggs for Anya by Virginia Kroll-For ages 4 and up.


Arch Books

These short, simple books are great for elementary readers, although the texts vary in quality.  There are a ton on the life and death of Jesus.


Legend of Faith Comic Books

These comic books include several issues on the Easter story.  For ages 8 and up.


DIG Discussion Guide 3/8

March’s Memory Verse:
Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in his ways.-Psalms 128:1, Seeds of Faith (vol. 2, track 9)

Below are the scriptures and some questions discussed in DIG classes on 3/8.

Adopt a Missionary Initiative

th To coincide with Missions Sunday on 3/22, each DIG classroom adopted a missionary our church supports. On Sunday, members from the Global Mission Team shared about each missionary and their country.  Children received a page to bring home.

Preschool-Jesus and Bartimaeus, Matthew 20:29-34

*I wonder how it feels to be blind?

*I wonder how it feels to see for the first time?

*I wonder how it felt for Bartimaeus to follow Jesus on the way to Jerusalum?

Grades K-1-Washed with Tears, from Mark 14 (Jesus Storybook Bible)

*I wonder why the leaders were so mean to the woman?

*I wonder why the woman poured perfume on Jesus’ feet?

*I wonder what it means for Jesus to be my Rescuer like he was for the woman?

Grades 2-4-Luke 4

*I wonder what it was like to be in the desert for 40 days without food, as Jesus was?

*I wonder what it meant that the words of Isaiah were fulfilled?

*I wonder why people were offended by Jesus’ words?

Middle School: Month’s Theme: Jesus’ Life and Death?

 * What is Communion? 1 Corinthians 11

High School Community Group: 

DIG Discussion Guide 3/1

March’s Memory Verse:
Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in his ways.-Psalms 128:1, Seeds of Faith (vol. 2, track 9)

Below are the scriptures and some questions discussed in DIG classes on 3/1.

Preschool-Jesus and the Storm, Matthew 19:13-15 

*I wonder how the children felt on their way to see Jesus?

*I wonder how they felt when the disciples said, “No!”?

*I wonder what Jesus said to the children?


Grades K-1-Filled Full, from Matthew 14 (Jesus Storybook Bible)

*I wonder what it was like to listen to Jesus?

*I wonder why Jesus insisted that the disciples feed all those people??

*I wonder how Jesus stretched such a small amount of food amongst so many people?

Grades 2-4-Jonah 3

*I wonder what it was like to be thrown up out of the fish?  How did Jonah feel?

*I wonder how Jonah felt obeying God and going to Ninevah?

*I wonder why God used Jonah to save Ninevah, Jonah disliked the Ninevites so much?


Middle School: Month’s Theme: Who The Holy Spirit?

 * What does the Holy Spirit do? (John 7:37-39, Acts 1:8, Ezek 36: 25-27)

High School Community Group: