DIG Discussion Guide 1/25

January’s Memory Verse:
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish have eternal life.  John 3:16, Seeds of Faith (vol. 2, track 7)

Below are the scriptures and some questions discussed in DIG classes on 1/25.

Preschool-Jesus in the Wilderness, Matthew 4:1-11

*I wonder what it was like for Jesus to be alone in the desert for such a long time?

*I wonder what Jesus and God talked about in the desert?

*I wonder what Jesus felt when the evil one was near him?

Grades K-1- Operation No Tears (Jesus Storybook Bible), from Isaiah 9, 11, 50, 53

*I wonder what it was like for Isaiah to hear God’s Secret Rescue Plan?

*I wonder what parts of God’s Secret Rescue Plan seemed the most interesting and surprising?

*I wonder why God’s people didn’t listen to the letter God gave Isaiah?

Grades 2-4-Psalms 51

*I wonder why David said he only sinned against God and not people?

*I wonder what God thought of David’s prayer?

*I wonder what it means to sacrifice a broken spirit and heart?

Middle School: Off


2 thoughts on “DIG Discussion Guide 1/25

  1. Tina Overmyer

    Nicely done. Some of the I wonder questions would be good for discussion with adults during Community Groups! Might even be a good started to discuss with kids during a cluster time of adults and children in a CG shared time. Again, these would be great devotion pondering s.


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