DIG Discussion Guide for 11/16

This month’s verse: Jesus said, “I am the Light of the World. Whoever follows me will never walk in the darkness but will have the light of life.” John 8:12, “The Light of the World”, Seeds of Faith, vol. 2, track 4

Below are the scriptures and some questions discussed in DIG classes on 11/16.

Preschool-The Temple: a House for God, from 2 Samuel 5-7, 1 Kings 5-8, 2 Chronicles 6 

*I wonder how it felt to build the Temple, a house for God?

*I wonder how it felt to finally live in the land that God promised?

*Now that the temple is gone, I wonder how people get close to God?

Grades K-1-God to the Rescue! (Jesus Storybook Bible), from Exodus 3-13

*I wonder what it was like for Moses to see the burning bush?

*I wonder how Moses felt when God said “I will be with you”?

*I wonder why Pharaoh wouldn’t let God’s people leave Egypt?

Grades 2-4-Isaiah 1,2

*I wonder why Israel kept walking away from God after all he had done for them?

*I wonder what it would take for them to return to God?

*I wonder what the Day of the Lord will be like?

Middle School-November’s theme: What does it mean to be Human?

*What does it mean to be created in God’s image? (Genesis 2)

High School Community Group-Jesus’ Encounter with Individuals in Luke

Sunday’s theme: Jesus’ encounter with Peter, Luke 5:1-11

1. Why did Peter respond the way he did after Jesus helped them catch the fish?
2. Why did Jesus pick Peter, James and John to be His disciples?
3. How could Peter just leave everything behind to follow Jesus? Did he leave his family behind?
4. In light of Peter’s encounter with Jesus, how does this help or encourage you to share Jesus with others?

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