Student Ministry

The goal of BeFree Dover is to make disciples who love God supremely, love others sacrificially, and make more disciples as an overflow of their love for God and others.  Our developing student ministry exists in the same vein, to make disciples of our middle schoolers and high schoolers.

A wonderful team of folks met together last spring to pray, dream, and discuss the most effective means of helping our students grow as disciples.  We put together a guiding document with some foundational principles from Scripture, values we hope to see in the lives of students, along with some practices to help in the process.  If you click on the “Student Ministry” tab of the blog you can read this document.

Just as the Sunday morning DIG ministry is aimed to supplement the primary discipleship provided for kids in their family, the events or practices we are developing for our students are similar.

Towards that end, we have developed a High School Community group to help students grow in their love for God and the Scriptures, and to develop a sense of mission for those in their schools who do not yet know Christ.  In addition, we are intentionally partnering with Young Life to provide an outreach opportunity for students to reach out to unchurched friends.  We will be adding an update from each High School Community Group to the weekly blog post detailing what went on in DIG.  We are hoping this will encourage discussion between kids and parents and help you have great Gospel-centered conversations with your kids.

Here are some details of the High School Community Group and Young Life:

High School Community Group

The high school community group meets every other Sunday at the home of Andrew & Cristy Tripp (8 Patriot Drive, Dover) from 7-9 PM.  Here are upcoming dates: Sunday 11/16, Sunday 11/30, Sunday 12/14.  For more information contact Andrew or Cristy Tripp at

Young Life Dover

Dover Young Life Club meets every Monday night, 7:30-9 PM.  We usually meet at Restoration Church (80 Rutland Street, Dover.)  For more information, contact Bjorn Anderson at




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